IPC - Material Data Entry for Motorola Controlled BOM Declarations

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Suppliers of products or assemblies for Motorola where all product or assembly components are selected, qualified and controlled by Motorola design do not have to report full material content for these parts (Motorola obtains material data for these parts directly from the qualified suppliers).


For these suppliers it is sufficient to report only those items and materials which are not part of the Motorola BOM but are added as part of the manufacturing process. These normally include solder, flux, adhesives, tape, labels, inks and so on. In order to declare material content for a Motorola Controlled BOM a short form of declaration is required.


This includes all process materials and parts added by you in the manufacturing process of all assemblies and sub-assemblies below that level, that are not included in the BOM


This short form declaration allows the supplier to indicate that this item is a Motorola Controlled BOM and declare all manufacturing process materials added to the Motorola BOM to produce a final product. Material and substance data entry for Motorola controlled BOM declarations begins with the same process outlined for a Single Component


The rules for a Motorola Controlled BOM declaration are:


  1.   The supplier part description must be Motorola Controlled BOM

  2.   The Homogeneous material name for the Motorola parts section must be Motorola Controlled Parts

  3.   The Mass for the Motorola Controlled Parts material must be 1 mg or 0.001g

  4.   The Substance for the Motorola Controlled Parts material must be Substance name = "MISC., NOT TO DECLARE", CAS# = "SYSTEM", % = "100"

  5.   The supplier part mass must only include the Motorola Controlled Material mass and manufacturing material's mass. It must not be the actual finished product mass

  6.   All supplier provided materials not included in the Motorola BOM MUST be declared.

  7.   All other material and substance entry rules and practices apply

  8.   Deviations from the exact values above will result in a rejection of the declaration


Due to the low number of materials added to a Motorola Controlled BOM it is recommended that the homogeneous material declaration is completed at the Product level (no subparts declared). The following example shows this form of declaration for a Motorola Controlled BOM where the supplier is adding Solder and Adhesive (Epoxy) in producing the end item

Substance exemptions must be added as appropriate

Detailed information on exemptions can be found in the Understanding Exemptions section




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